Here Are Some Common Questions About Our Services


How do I see my free preview of my site?

First, we gather some very quick information about your new site pertaining to your industry and whether or not you already have an existing website. Then we go to work and deliver a preview of your new site! It’s that simple. Just make sure you fill out the contact form with any additional information you feel we need and we’ll get in touch very, very soon.

How close is the preview to the final product?
Once the full project has begun we go into a deeper dive of your brand and your needs. The final product may only have a few changes in style or layout, or it may be completely different from the final product. It also depends on whether or not you add a ‘brand identity’ package or need a logo. Many factors can change the end result.
How do I get started?
Contact us from the ‘CONTACT US’ page and include what you would like to get started and how soon! We’ll take it from there. ūüôā
I'm not sure what service I need
The best way to handle this is to send us an email with your contact information. We’ll contact you in 24hrs on business days and get to know where you’re at… and where you want to go. Then we’ll walk you through how we can take you there!


What is your payment plan/ deposit?

For all projects we require a 50% deposit to begin and the remaining balance upon completion. We offer payment plans for the remaining balance to fit your budget if needed.

For all photography shoots we require a 20% deposit to secure the calendar date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit & debit cards along with Paypal and other major money transfer apps.
How do I pay my deposit?
When we’re all set to begin the project or schedule the shoot, we’ll send you a secure link to make your deposit.
Do you have a guarantee policy?
All of our designs come with a guarantee. If you don’t enjoy your designs or photographs (we’ve never had a situation yet!) we will make sure we get it right for you. We also include 30 days of free support for any website. We’ll monitor your site for those 30 days as well.


What do all website design services include?
  • A high-end, luxe design that is clean, modern, sophisticated and easy to navigate.
  • A custom built, easy to manage, WordPress¬†site designed on the DIVI framework
  • Backend features using the Content Management System for easy website updating and management.
  • Includes home page design, seamlessly integrated blog design, up to 4 additional styled pages (examples: contact, about, portfolio, services, etc)
  • All sites are designed for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • One hour tutorial session on the Content Management System to show you how to use your site and save money by updating your site yourself!

*Additional page designs and features can be added for a custom quote

What do the package prices not include?

Web Design prices do not include:

  • Monthly hosting & domain name purchases
  • Blog article transfers
  • Email Newsletter setup
  • Premium Plugins
  • New copy
  • Changing Hosting and domain location
  • Ongoing monthly site maintanance (updates, security, etc)

*These services are available at an additional price.

How long does the process take?
If you already have an existing site with copy and photos/video and just need a luxe design upgrade this generally takes 1-3 weeks. For larger projects that require additional services or include branding and photography the process is generally 2 Р5 weeks.
What does the revision process look like?
Once the design is complete, we give you some time to thoroughly go over the site and create a list of any desired revisions. ¬†We’ll complete the list until you are 100% satisfied with your design. ¬†Once we are complete with the design, if 1 or 2 small things were forgotten, we don’t mind making sure you’re taken care of, however, anything beyond the initial revision stage is considered an additional design service.
Do you update or monitor my site after it is complete?
We also include 30 days of free support for any website and we’ll monitor your site for those 30 days as well. We also go over how to save on your website upkeep budget by updating your site yourself! ¬†Beyond the initial 30 days, any updates to your site or it’s plugins, any security monitoring, and any uptime monitoring is an addition service that we provide.
Do you provide SEO?
Your site will have a basic level of SEO implemented.  SEO comes in many levels, is highly customized to each business, and it is recommended to utilize on a monthly basis to build your rankings and searchability.   If you would like a deeper level of SEO, we offer SEO services for every budget.
What if I need to sell products on my site?
Great! ¬†We can create an online storefront for you within your website equipped with customized design to match your site, product pages, shopping cart, wish list, and secure check-out. ¬†We’ll also show you how to upload and update your own products!


Can I customize the packages?
Yes.  We want to make sure your business gets exactly what it needs to go in the direction you desire.  Your business is unique and we provide a custom experience.
What if I'm not photogenic?
We come from a background of being behind the camera and also in front of it, so we know how awkward one can feel when the lens is clicking. ¬†We believe EVERYONE¬†can be photogenic, it just takes the¬†RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER. ¬†We take our time and walk you through the behind-the-scenes tips on how to hold your posture, the angles of your face… and even how to smile more naturally. ¬†We photograph from a human perspective and not a technical one, so we are with you the entire step of the way. We also make sure your lighting creates picture perfect skin. ¬†With our unique approach to photography, you feel authentic and empowered.
What does the process look like?

We believe it’s important to understand you authentically. First, we go over your business and your brand. We want to know who you are, what brought you there and where you want to go. From there we can hand-craft a photography experience that captures your people, products and business lifestyle with authenticity and charm.
When we arrive on the day of the shoot, we’ll go over the game-plan and lay out¬†the desired shots and when/where to shoot them.
After the shoot, the post production process begins and we edit and export the photos.
Depending on the size of your shoot, the turnaround time is 3-4 business days for small projects and 7 business days for large package projects.

Are there different styles of headshots?
Depending your specific business needs and where you desire to use your portraits, we hand-craft a style that suits your brand.   For team portraits, we recommend a clean background with fresh lighting.  For executive portraits, we prefer a more stylized shoot or highly crafted lighting that accentuates your features.
How do I receive my files?
All files will be sent digitally, however we can also provide files on a disk if requested as well.
What is the turnaround time?

3-4 Business days for single headshot sessions.
7 Business days for full packages.
*We can also rush deliver at your request and an addition service fee.


What does the Brand Identity process look like?

We begin by discovering the authenticity within your brand.  We discuss your personal story, your experience, your ideal client, your audience and where you would like to go with your business.  We then become inspired by your personal design taste, your likes and dislikes, and some examples of designs that invigorate your senses.  Your brand should be an authentic visual communication with your clients that inspires you when you see it on daily basis.
Once we have a foundation set, we will create a few font and color combinations to present to you to ensure we are moving in the right direction.
We then craft and revise until you have a luxe brand that sets you apart in your industry.

What other DESIGN SERVICES do you offer?

We offer an array of design services:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Posts/ Kits
  • Marketing Material
  • Advertisements
  • Stationary
  • Mock-ups
  • Power-Point/ Keynote Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Application Screen Designs
I already have a logo, can you still create a 'Brand Identity Style Guide'?
Yes!  A brand is much more than just a logo.  A brand is a visual communication with your ideal client.  Everything effects how we feel and percieve a brand, especially the color palette and font combinations.  We will create a brand identity that integrates with your existing logo and emphasizes your value.
How do I receive my files?
All files are delivered digitally and are provided in both .jpg and .psd format (when applicable)
What is the turnaround time?

3-5 Business days for Business Card Design.
2-3 Weeks for full Brand Identity Packages.

*We can also rush deliver at your request and an addition service fee.


You can use the CONTACT US page form or email us directly | hello@lighttakesthetreebranding.com
or call us at +1 310 990 7701

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